Recent interior photographer work: Midtown East unit with views of the East River on a gloomy day

Today’s Real Estate photographer session was challenging for two reasons:

– First of all, the unit is currently occupied by a family with a toddler (pretty messy when I got there). I did my best to clean up the place and stage it for the photo-shoot. Not an easy task considering the fact that the whole family was there eating lunch, and I didn’t want to bother them too much.

Apartment photographer work: living room of Midtown East unit in New York City with East River views

– Another issue was the gloomy weather. It was a rainy and foggy day, so the views of the Hudson Rivers were not as beautiful as they are on a sunny day, and the apartment was pretty dark.

East river views on a foggy day from Midtown East Unit New York

Considering the challenging situation, the result is pretty ok, after some post-processing work using Adobe Lightroom and some brightening, to do the apartment justice.

Real Estate photographer: living room of Midtown east unit new york with east river views

Real Estate photographer work kitchen of Midtown east unit new-york

Interior photography picture of bathroom of Midtown east unit new york

If you want to see what the East River looks like on a nicer day, check out this Waterside Plaza view of the East River

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